Knitting Patterns
How to embroider the Spider Web Rose Stitch
There are a few methods to embroider the Spider Web Rose/ Woven Rose/ Woven Wheel Rose Sticth.  I'll show you the method I usually use in this video.
How to Cast off (Bind off) - Knitting for Beginners
When you're finished knitting, you need to cast off (also referred to as binding off) your last row of stitches to make an edge that won't unravel. 
Knitting Chart Symbols
A chart is a symbolic representation of your knitting which is used instead of usual knitting instructions. Theoretically at least, using a chart, a knitting pattern can be presented succinctly in a clear, universal format that can be read by anyone in any language. Each symbol, or group of symbols, has a definition that tells you how to knit that stitch.
How to “thread tail through remaining stitches”, “pull through”
This is a skill that every knitter needs to know and it's very simple. 
How to change colors in knitting
Changing colors in your knitting is a skill that every knitter needs to know. There are a few methods to do that. 
Common Knitting Abbreviations
Each knitting pattern typically provides its own abbreviations or refers to a standard. There is no single authoritative source for knitting abbreviations, so multiple standards exist.