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How to Cast off (Bind off) - Knitting for Beginners

When you're finished knitting, you need to cast off (also referred to as binding off) your last row of stitches to make an edge that won't unravel. 

Depending on your project, there are a few different ways that you can cast off. You can do a standard straight edge cast off, a stretchy cast off, an I-cord cast off, or a picot cast off.

In this post , I'll show you the simple method to cast off knitting for Beginners.

Tutorial Video 

Step 1:

Start by knitting the first two stitches: Knit two stitches loosely.

Step 2:

Slide left needle into first stitch then pull the first stitch over the second stitch.There is now one stitch on the right needle. The other has been cast off.

Step 3:

Knit another stitch from the left needle and do the same thing again. Do this with each stitch until there are no stitches on the left needle and just one stitch remains on the right needle. Leaving a long tail and cut off the yarn.

Step 4

With your fingers, gently pull on the last stitch to make it a little bit bigger. Then pull the end of the yarn all the way through the loop, take the needle out and pull the yarn tight.

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