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How to make the eye sockets

This is Halloween Knitting Pattern "The midnight guest - Charlie"

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The knitting pattern "The midnight guest Charlie"

Hello, knitters! Welcome to my website, where I share with you my passion for knitting cute and creative toys.

In this video, I'm going to show you how to make the eye sockets for your knitted doll or crochet dolll. You will learn how to create realistic and expressive eyes for your doll using a simple technique. You will also see how to choose the right size and shape of the eye sockets, and how to position them on the doll's face. 

The eye sockets are the parts of the doll's head that hold the eyes in place. The eye sockets give the doll a more three-dimensional and lifelike look, and they also make it easier to attach the eyes later. 

This video is suitable for anyone who loves knitting dolls and wants to add some details and personality to them. So grab your knitted doll, yarn, sewing needles, scissors, and pins, and let's get started!

There are a few methods to make the eye sockets.  I'll show you the method I usually use in this video.

Tutorial video

How to make the eye sockets

You have now completed making the eye sockets for your knitted doll! You can now proceed to attach the eyes of your choice, such as safety eyes, buttons, beads, or felt pieces. You can also embroider some eyelashes or eyebrows to make them more expressive.

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