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How to embroider the doll face (Charlie)

This is Halloween Knitting Pattern "The midnight guest - Charlie"

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The knitting pattern "The midnight guest Charlie"

Hello, knitters! Welcome to my channel, where I share with you my passion for knitting cute and creative toys. In this video, I'm going to show you how to embroider the Halloween smile for your Halloween knitted doll. 

You will learn how to use a tapestry needle and some embroidery floss to sew button eyes and mouth for your doll. 

This video is suitable for anyone who loves knitting dolls and wants to add some details and personality to them on Halloween. So grab your knitted doll, sewing needle, scissors, and pins, and let's get started!

There are a few methods to embroider the mouth & eyebrows.  I'll show you the method I usually use in this video.

Tutorial video

How to embroider the doll face
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