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Halloween clown doll Peter

If you are looking for a special pattern for Halloween, I have a very spooky pattern for you today: Halloween Clown Doll Peter!  

This pattern is a friendly clown with orange and green hat, who is ready to join you for some Halloween fun. He is the perfect toy for children and adults, who love clowns and Halloween! His name is Peter!

My PDF knitting pattern is written in English, the file is 24 pages PDF. The pattern provides all the necessary information to make Peter and 75 step-by-step figures and you can see my tutorial video to make him below. It’s very easy to follow.  

The pattern is suitable for beginners as well as advanced knitters. 

You can also customize the doll according to your preference by changing the colors or the accessories.

I hope you like this special friend too, and maybe you will knit him someday. 


This is a PDF file - knitting pattern for knitters to make the knitted doll and his clothes, his hat. You are not buying an finished toy.


All pieces are knitted flat and sew seams.    

The following techniques you have to know already: cast on, knit and purl, cast off, increasing (KFB, KRL, KLL), decreasing (SSK, K2tog, P2tog), sewing (Mattress & Whip stitch)


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- A pair of 2.25mm knitting needles (You can use straight or circular needles) 


- Etrofil Jeans: light beige 70 

- Alize Baby Best: orange 408 

- Jeans Yarnart: yellow 84, white 01, black 53. 

- Susan Family: green 32   

Other materials:

- Toy filling (less than 50g) 

- 3 Holders 

- Sewing needle 

- 2 buttons size 1cm 

- 1 buttons size 1,5cm 

- Scissors 

- Sewing pins


The finished doll is 25cm tall.


This is the tutorial video of knitting pattern "Halloween clown doll Peter". 

In this video, I will show you step by step how to embroider the halloween smile using black embroidery thread and a tapestry needle. 

The embroidery technique is very simple and beginner-friendly. The trickiest part of the embroidery is to make sure that the smile is symmetrical and centered on the doll's face. You can adjust the size and shape of the smile according to your preference and the size of your doll. You can also add more or less teeth and stitches as you like.

How to embroider Halloween smile

How to embroider Halloween smile
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How to embroider Halloween smile for knitting or crochet Halloween doll

If you decide to make this pattern or any my patterns, please share your photos of your finished toys with me on Instagram using the hashtag #Cheryx.Knitadream. I can't wait to see your creations!

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